AT CHIANG KONG, WE GIVE YOUR LUGGAGE A LONGER LIFE. Our services range from mending torn bags, to replacing handles, zippers and locks. We repair all the luggage with the proper steps. With Chiang Kong Services, you can be assured that your baggage will look brand new. Congratulation to Chiang Kong Date added: 2018-02-28 In 2001, Mr Richard Lee would buy coffee for his uncles when he was a boy, chit chatting in their Aljunied shophouse where they ran a rubber and glue business. This transformed into a luggage repair business when they successfully fixed an airline crew member’s luggage bag. Mr Lee became the official sole owner of Chiang Kong Services in 2006, which specialises in fixing luggage, where prices start from $8 for simple repairs.

1 Commonwealth Ln, #01-09, Singapore 149544

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