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Animal Doctors International

Situated within 10 minutes from the center of Vientiane, Animal Doctors International strives to offer the very highest levels of compassionate, competent and professional veterinary medicine and surgery to all pets in Laos.
From ensuring consistency in international standards, sourcing specialist prescriptions from all over the world and travelling throughout the country our Team works tirelessly to support our clients in every way possible.
We're proud to have the opportunity to work together with our wonderful customers (and their owners!) to continue supporting long, active and healthy

Bouaphim Veterinary Clinic; DVM - ບົວພິມຄລີນິກປົວສັດ

Bouaphim Veterinary Clinic; DVM - ບົວພິມຄລີນິກປົວສັດ
ວັນຈັນ - ວັນເສົາ: 08:00 - 21:00
ວັນອາທິດ: 08:00 - 12:00

Faxai Animal Clinic

ຄລິນິກສັດຕະວະແພດນິ້ຢູ່ ບ້ານສະພານທອງເໜືອ, ວຽງຈັນ.
This is a Animal Clinic in Sapantong Neua, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR. Two Korean Vets are working here.

International Veterinary Center

International Veterinary Center (IVC) in Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.
Open 9:00 am - 19:00 pm
Sunday Close.

iVET Center

Think VET, Think iVET.
" The premium-quality of pet care and
The ultimate service of animal hospital "

Myvet Animal Clinic

ປິ່ນປົວສັດລ້ຽງ, ຕັດຂົນ, ອາບນ້ຳ, ກວດເລືອດ ແລະ ຜ່າຕັດ

Vientiane Dog Paradise

VIENTIANE DOG PARADISE is the very first dog center that provides Dog
Training, Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare, Doggy Playground, Dog Pool and Dog

ຄລີນິກ ສັດຕະວະແພດ ດຣ. ຄຳແດງ


ຄລີນິກ ສັດຕະວະແພດ ຫມໍຊູຊາດ

ບໍລິການປີ່ນປົວ ແລະ ຜ່າຕັດສັດ

ສະຫວັນໂຊກໄຊ ຮັກສາສັດ, ຂາຍຢາປົວສັດ, ຂາຍອຸປະກອນ ແລະ ເສີມສວຍໝາ-ແມວ

ຮັກສາສັດ, ຂາຍຢາປົວສັດ, ຂາຍອຸປະກອນ ແລະ ເສີມສວຍໝາ-ແມວ



ໂຮງໝໍປົວສັດ ນັນຂະຈອນ ບ້ານສີບູນເຮືອງທົ່ງ

ບໍລິການ ກວດສຸຂະພາບສັດ, ສັກຢາປ້ອງກັນພະຍາດສັດ, ່ກວດພະຍາດສັດ , ປິ່ນປົວສັດ, ຝາກລ້ຽງ,ອາບນ້ໍາ, ຕັດຂົນ ,ແຕ່ງຂົນ,


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