Edmund Khong

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Edmund Khong is an award-winning performer (World Clown Competition Winner 2017 & 2018) and one of the only 4 WCA Master Clowns in the world. He has performed in various countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia. He performs as Captain Bubbles the Magic Clown and Captain Dazzle,…

Event Lobang Singapore

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Kids definitely love magic shows and they really are enjoying in such events. If you want to make the kids of this generation find magic shows a lot more interesting, then hiring the best magician should therefore be considered. Kids Magician at Event Lobang is the best option.
We are considered as…

Mascots & Puppets Specialists

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This is our special puppet and magic show created specifically for small to mid-sized birthday parties and celebrations! Suitable for children from 4 to 12 years old, this 35-min show is full of excitement and entertainment that will bring life to your party! There will never be a dull moment with…

The Derek Magic Show!

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Having performed magic overseas and abroad for thousands of children, I have found the best combination of magic and comedy to engage magic for children birthday parties, kids birthday parties, company events, roadshows....any event requiring magic. 

I have also a team of dedicated facepainters…

Mighty Magic Lab

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Magic. Fun. Parties.
We can provide your children with a fun & entertaining magic show for their birthday parties. We believe that children learn by observation... which is why all our shows are produced with special emphasis on quality and language!
Granting you the very best in contemporary…

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