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Boasts extensive amount of experience in roofing and waterproofing projects through countless large and small scaled projects.We have been providing quality roofing services since 2000. We always take pride in our projects and have garnered high-sounding reviews from our large portfolio of clients.…

Le Fong - Waterproofing Contractor Singapore | Waterproofing Specialist

Waterproofing Specialist / Waterproofing Contractor Singapore
Welcome to Le Fong Building Services Pte Ltd. We specialize in Waterproofing Works, Water Leakage and Seepage, Roofing Works, Concrete Works and General Works.

Proof-Tech Waterproofing & Maintenance Pte Ltd

Waterproofing- PU grouting, Torch on membrane, Epoxy Coating, Water leakage repair to ceiling, wall, window frame and etc, Waterproofing to RC Roof, Metal Roof, Tile Roof, Toilet, RC water-tank, Planter box, External wall and etc
Concrete Work- Epoxy Grouting (crack line repair) Spalled Concrete,…

Roof Doctors Pte Ltd

Roof Doctors – Singapore Waterproofing Specialist has more than 15 years of experience, specializing in waterproofing and decoration application works. Roof Doctors consist of professional workers of which majority of the workers have been with the company since its establishment, therefore they…

KK Roofing Contractors Pte Ltd

It is a Singapore company successfully providing Aluminium, glass window installation and testing services to every individual’s painting needs with an exceptional track record spanning almost four decades. Our long history is a testimony to our loyalty and dedication to our customers who are…

GAUSHAN Roof Leakage Repairing Singapore

GAUSHAN is one of the Reliable Roofing Contractor in Singapore. As a best Roof leakage repairing company, we provide reliable roof leaking, waterproofing, damaged roofing repair services with cheapest roofing cost. We do free onsite roofing inspection and professional analysis on any damaged…

Lam Wong Roofing Specialist Pte Ltd

Established in 1950s, LAM WONG ROOFING SPECIALIST is the premier waterproofing specialist in Singapore. Known for its reputation and service quality in this region, we are no doubt your solution to any waterproofing needs.

Roofing & Waterproofing Contractor Singapore

Have a hole in your roof that needs fixing? Water seeping through cracks? Roof needs a fresh new look?
We are waterproofing contractors specialize in roof repairs and waterproofing solutions. We make up a team of experienced roof repair contractors and waterproofing specialists, ensuring that the…

ATLAS- Waterproofing Specialist in Singapore - ROOFING Contractors Specialist

Contact us today to get your free cost estimation for your Roof leak repairing, Roof repairing, Roofing replacement, Waterproofing service and etc., Our team will check your roofing for any leakages, any cracked tiles and then will rectify with proper roof tiles where needed, cracked ridge cement…

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