Aircon Installation

Normal servicing. We service your air conditioner without causing any mess or discomfort to you. Our normal servicing is a powerful way to increase the performance of your unit.

Parts replacement. We can help you replace all types of parts, ensuring the smooth working of your air conditioner.

Troubleshooting. We have the expertise to troubleshoot air conditioners of different brands.

Aircon Chemical Wash. We help you have chemical wash, helping you resolve any water leak issue and bad odor. It is a miraculous way to perk up the life of your air conditioner in a trouble free way.


We provide general aircon servicing, chemical cleaning and installation. Our technicians are highly experienced in aircon servicing and installation, we ensure all our air conditioner servicing and installation result in aircons that work great and runs smoothly.

Chemical cleaning is not in cluded Flush drainage system

Because of our good understanding of the nature of the service and repair business with over 21 years of experience, we at FUSION have set out a mission to serve and support our customers providing round the clock quality services by our extensively trained technical personnel.

Show your commitment to the environment and better your comfort with a system that allows you to get the most out of it for less. How do you do that? By opting for the aircon services of one of Singapore’s leading providers—Lemon Cool. Available across the region, our specialists can help you to ensure your model is up to scratch, as well as install a new or upgraded model or find a second hand option to suit. No matter your requirements, our professionals are well-versed in conducting critical maintenance and care for units of all kinds, allowing you to enjoy your space with minimal fuss.

Commercial Engineering Pte Ltd and Commercial Air-Con Service is an engineering based company which specializes in providing Engineering Services in the field of air- conditioning, refrigeration, electrical, mechanical ventilation, system design, installation and maintenance services to the commercial, industrial, residential (condominiums & landed properties) and other industries.

Time Wing Trading specializes in cost-affordable aircon services and refrigeration repair. With years of extensive experience, our expert technicians deliver timely services at competitive rates. Whether it’s airconditioner service, repairs, or installations, we can effectively meet your needs within time and budget.

We also top up all air-con and fridge gases to ensure optimal performance and delivery. With 6-12 month guarantees, our work is always certified and of the highest caliber. Whether it’s AC servicing, repairs, or even installations, Singapore customers are guaranteed the best

If you want to live a comfortable life in Singapore, then an aircon is the most important electronic equipment that you need to have in your home. If you don’t have a good quality, efficient and properly working aircon in your house, then you may need to suppler the wrath of heat and humidity in its harsh environment. That is why all those people that do not already have an aircon in their home wishes to get one and those have an old one, they wish to upgrade it with new one. In either of these situations, you will need to find a reputable and trustworthy Aircon supplier that can provide it to

Newway strives to improve lives through better air quality management and customised air-conditioning, treatment and ventilation solutions, to enhance home and business environments. Newway is committed to providing high quality and cost effective solutions for all our customers.


We are committed to provide you with a cool and comfortable living environment through high standard of air-condition services and we guaranteed that every dollar spent by our customers will be well-invested with our value-added services.

For any quires, please do not hesitate to call us at 6286 6720.

Our Customer Relation Officers will be glad to be at your service.

While we have over a hundred items as a materials and supplies business, our one key drive is to be the solutions provider.

Our experts and skilled staff have the answer to all your questions. Hiring a contractor who is an amateur is devastating as well as nerve wrecking. It not only drain you financially but also consumes your time. Getting it done right the very first time will save you the hassles that come with having to contact an amateur later after the job has been completed. Our technicians and sales staff are well trained and disciplined. They will not leave your repair job unfinished, do a shoddy work or sell you what does not meet your requirements. We guarantee you that we are after making your home more

Terms & Conditions – Appointment after peak hour, Sunday & Public holiday will incure $30 overtime charges from the full amount. Payment settle by Cash or Cheque only. Payment must settle on site.

I got my aircon installed with Aircon Service Singapore and all i can say is they have done a great job. My aircon was installed within 2 days and the workmanship is superb. I will recommend this Aircon Singapore Installer to my friends too.

Are you a residence of Singapore looking for a reputable air conditioner company? The truth of the matter is that air conditioner servicing companies in Singapore do come in handy making it a bit tricky to select the best service provider. A client needs to be keen enough to ensure that he/she pays for what qualifies and shows the value for the money spent. You may need to install or repair an air conditioner and in most cases, you will need the help of professionals to do this task. An air conditioner is obviously an investment to any Singaporean hence it needs to be given the attention it

Aircon Servicing for Maintenance and Repair in Singapore

We have been in aircon servicing industry for more than 10 years.

We provide one-stop aircon service covering HDB, condos, landed property, offices and industrial premises.

Checking costs $30 but it will be waived if there is actual repair/replacement

Singapore Aircon Servicing - Chemical Wash & Aircon Repair

supply, deliver and install all types and brands of air conditioner

One of the leading and most trusted aircon servicing, Repair, Installation & Maintenance companies in Singapore, for years, we have been providing reliable and

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Our services cater to residential, as well as commercial and industrial projects.

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