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This is your source of information. Get as much details from the clients as possible, such as objectives, key performance indicators, list of requirements, specifications. After receiving the brief, internalize the brief, look for loop holes and see if there are existing campaigns, ideas or concepts to work on and also similar past events to study and improve on.

One of the key factor to consider is the type of audience the event is planned for, such as general public, targeted group of people, special interest group or closed door groups as these determine what type of activities, venue and

Every business is only as strong as its weakest link. This is especially true for small businesses where entrepreneurs are looking to develop their management team into a full-fledged organization. Where diverse members of a team come together to form an organization, rapport is increasingly important and can add value beyond each employee’s skills. Teams who are able to work harmoniously in cooperation help to contribute significantly to the success of the business.

Whether for the purpose of fostering a mass healthy lifestyle, in line with national goals or for competitive reasons, company sporting events such as Golf Competitions, Sports Days and Triathlons are events we thoroughly enjoy doing. Marvele can help you plan and organise the event and look for a suitable venue.

Our local event crew have more than 10 years experience in the events industry for company events and social events. Our event company understands the importance of effective communication to ensure efficient coordination which is vital for smooth process and a successful event. We offer local professional, experienced and passionate event crew in Singapore for all event requirements. Our event company can cater to special event services crew requirements too.

After confirmation of projects and company events, our event company can forward our event crew curriculum vitae to you for your perusal.

With four years of experience in events management ranging from sporting events to road shows, Gibston’s ability to perform in a constantly changing and multi-tasking environment with numerous and competing deadlines is unquestionable. He has touched on the exhibitions aspect of events, working on mostly corporate stands, where he travels worldwide to manage each project. Apart from having exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, Gibston can ensure smooth operations, both as leader or team player of any project. Being an ardent learner, Gibston is continuously improving his

MOTHERS AND SONS, events management company (Singapore), is established since year 2000, gotten its name while conceptualizing the business mission. The mission of establishing a good work relation with both the clients, suppliers and all people who has involve and part of the work, the special bond that only found from a mother to her child. Moreover, event management is a people-relationship business, where everyday we handle different talents, emcees, crews, officials and delegates from within and overseas.

The mission also stands on planning, developing and execution of all events entrust

At icube, we pride ourselves on never compromising on quality. Over many years of providing our clients with the utmost satisfaction, we have developed a reputation for making corporate events a success, from planning through to execution.

Our company consistently exceeds client expectations in terms of service quality and reliability. The key to the success of many of our agency’s corporate events in Singapore lies in the way we approach each new client. At our agency, we recognize that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to planning, so we use our extensive experience and

As a humble event company since 2005, we have grown and expanded to become a full fledged Professional Event Management Company in Singapore. Today we comprise our very own Sales Operations Team, Event Production & Design Team, Creative Sound/Lighting Team and a comprehensive Event Logistics Team. Our ‘Under One Roof’ strategy easily simplifies operations while maintaining the integrity of the event details. With our effective backend processes, we are able to offer you a complete event proposal and provide a further cost advantage – which means great investment returns as well as improved

Established in the year 2005, De Ideaz is a leading event management company offering full spectrum of business solutions from marketing to integrated tions. Headquartered in Singapore, De Ideaz has spread its wings to cater its services in most of the south eastern region of Asia through a group of like-minded, dedicated and hard working professionals, who are nothing short of being skilled and innovative at what they do! Excellence is what we believe in and we strive to bring about the best in you!

De Ideaz has invested its time and skills in the niche of Events, Design and Marketing by

An event is not a flick of a switch but a complex collaboration of people working together to achieve a single result. To understand the intricacies and interconnectedness behind this movement is what event sense means – [n] a faculty by which the mind and body perceives an internal or external event stimulus. A deep understanding of not just how and why things work, but the added dimension of what could work, with the minds’ eye to put together a perfect blend to achieve that brand of event flavour that is uniquely yours.

When I got my first taste of Events and Exhibitions, I learnt the ropes

At Revolution, we specialise in creating impactful, immersive experiences for your audiences, ensuring total brand activation for your business. Through our 30 years of experience and achievements, we bring your brands to life through forward-thinking, creative innovative and intelligent strategies, with bold energy and reliability.

Event Company Singapore - Se7en Friday Events Company is a leading, full-service Event Company Singapore, successfully partnering and executing events with Singapore corporate and private clients from all walks of life for over 25 years now.

Considered the Top Event Company in Singapore, over the years, Se7en Friday Events Company Singapore has become a #1 leader in the events industry in Singapore, priding itself in developing the expertise to provide a holistic event organising and management experience.

From the get-go, all you'll see from us is passion and dedication in executing your

Established in Singapore in 2009, RED Events has been an expert in conceptualising, event management, event styling and delivering events creatively and efficiently. Our philosophy as an events company is to offer a highly flexible, bespoke and consultancy driven service.

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