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Autelier Makeup is a business of Autelier Group Pte Ltd

From its inception, the Autelier brand and our professional makeup artists have built a reputation of being amongst the finest in Singapore - not just because of dedicated focus on creating the most inspiring makeup for our clients, but also because our Makeup Artists all go through an intensive mentorship under Cherry Au - Autelier’s founder and one of the country’s foremost makeup professional and educator.

While the vast majority of our work involves bridal projects, our commercial makeup team continues to support many of the most

We are more than just a training center for those aspiring to make a name in the beauty industry. One Academy is a builder of dreams and creator of realities. We draw inspiration from our chief instructor, Ivy Chen, who ensures that those who study professional make-up and hairstyling at One Academy have strong fundamentals and definite skill sets needed in the practice of this profession. At One Academy, our graduates go forth in the real world to become professional make-up artists and hairstylists. They also become masters of their own fate by establishing their own businesses making them

Liren Neo – Professional Makeup Artist and Professional Consultant

Liren Neo first got her big break more than 10 years ago when she first started working in a Singapore bridal shop. Initially tasked with the sewing, fitting and selecting of dresses, she slowly worked her way up whilst observing and learning from the bridal makeup artist team in the shop.

Thereafter, she left the shop all the while continuously striving to improve her technique and strokes for the next three years before being hired by a very discerning and renowned Taiwanese bridal shop as a wedding makeup artist. It was at

If you have any events coming up, like your wedding (congrats!), a company dinner party or you just want to get a simple makeup and would like to find a professional and good makeup artist, please contact me! I'll do my best to be the top makeup artist for you!

Your one-stop provider for Makeup Artist Services in Singapore.

Makeover Magix is led by one of the most versatile Makeup Artist in Singapore – Rezani Ramli. We provide a wide range of makeup services from basic to glamour to special effects makeup. We offer clients a choice of using HD airbrush system or conventional creme and liquid foundations. Our team is unique as compared to other Makeup Artist team. We are always learning to improvise our skills especially in makeup effects and prosthetics productions.

Many clients have commended us for the way we handle products and equipments especially

It is necessary during weddings as it makes a face more camera-friendly. Poor wedding makeup can make a face look blotchy or patchy. Even a pretty face can lose its charm because of poor makeup. Hiring a makeup artist Singapore who can make your face shine so that your wedding photos can contain that beautiful face forever is necessary. Big luminous eyes, full luscious lips and a delicate nose - you can have all these on your wedding day. We only use high quality cosmetics to bring out your true beauty. Before doing anything, we study your face and determine potential highlights and

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