Wedding Photography

Nevertheless, nothing will stop me from overseas assignment to capture great images and moments for you.

stop at perfection. I continuously pushes boundaries thereby achieving

greater heights with each experience. MY expertise in using light, fully

allows me to shoot any time. Rain or shine, it doesn’t matter to me

because I will deliver. You can be sure I will be with you from start to

end as no outsourcing is done. As such, you can expect consistent,

I pledge to do my best to capture a stunning grand photos with a combination of natural interaction images that will be a lifetime

We are a team of storytellers, specialising in capturing beautiful wedding images. But what matters more to us, is how we can advise & consult our clients about their wedding journey. Our passion, providing help wherever you may need it.The Avenue 8 Team

Our belief in the Art of Capturing Life’s Best Moments

We believe everyone deserves something amazing on their special day and we love creating beautiful and interesting imageries for you to have forever. After all, moments pass by in the blink of an eye, but memories captured last forever. The most important and valuable moments in your life

If you’d like to spend your special day with energetic souls, passionate about creating raw, intimate moments while having a ton of fun, you’ve come to the right place! Wedding planning can be a stressful journey and wedding day jitters are real, and so we want to make your experience with us as seamless and enjoyable as possible through our well thought out wedding photography packages. Celebrate your pre-wedding or actual day wedding with us! We strive to provide the best wedding photography experience for all our clients.

“I appreciate the things around me, there is beauty to be found in everything and everyone, and that capturing and remembering those important moments, whether big or small, is what adds some magic into life. The way a series of images can tell a story, evoke atmosphere and take you back to a certain time or place in your life. I adore the informality of wedding photography, capturing moments that are both emotive and timeless in a natural and unscripted way.” - Glen Sin's Photography

A Singapore wedding photography company that set themselves the challenge of taking pictures that

There is a beauty in moments that lies in the raw and unscripted instances. It transcends time and surpasses the expectations of a pretty picture. Instead of pondering how your wedding photos should look like, consider how they should make you feel. To see the bigger picture, you need a little moment (pun intended, obviously).

A lot of what I do comes down to space for connection and trust. I want to work with couples in the most honest and genuine way possible. I’m dedicated to your needs, delivering service that’s free from pretense. It’s about storytelling in its most raw, honest and personal

"John is what we call a true artiste of trade. From the 1st day of meet up, he showed me and Nad how is his way of taking wedding photos and how important to him to translate our actual day emotions into his pictures. We chose him to be our only photographer and we are glad how all the pictures turned out. This set of photos are meant to last a lifetime and he definitely is one of the best in the trade. Thanks JOHN!"- Daren & Nadia

"A Big Thank you to John for shooting our pre-wedding photo in France/Singapore. We love the pictures! He guided us through both days and made us feel comfortable,

Moomedia has been in the forefront of the Wedding Photography & Cinematography arena in Singapore for a decade.

We attribute our success to all our past couples who made us Moo....

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