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Style, sophistication and an amazing celebration of love. That's our promise when you tie the knot with us. Wedding Acts sets the stage for your very special day. Based in Singapore, we are now expanding our services as a destination wedding planner to Australia, Vietnam, India, Maldives (anywhere in Asia Pacific). By engaging us, you can expect a smooth-sailing affair. We pour our heart and soul to achieve our objectives with a touch of your own unique personalities. Your wedding speaks volumes of your love and we strive to convey this message by providing only the best through our excellent

We ensures that every element — catering, signage, entertainment, staff attire, florals, lighting, custom furniture, graphics, draperies and linens, to name a few — is thoughtfully curated and clearly communicated to creative partners through detailed instructions, and that all remains in cohesive harmony throughout the project.

Hannah Chong, a visionary leader, is known for her distinctive abilities to understand the interplay between creativity and business strategy. Her creative vision, business acumen and innate ability to understand her clients’ unspoken needs have enabled her to consistently penetrate new grounds and introduce timely business solutions to grow the capacity of Heaven’s Gift and the business units of her strategic partners. Prior to her 14 years of creations in Weddings and Special Events, Hannah has also brought with her 10 years of international corporate experiences as a brand and marketing

Gayatri Sanggar Rias Pengantin dan Wedding Organaizer adalah suatu jasa khusus yang kami miliki secara pribadi untuk membantu para pengantin dan keluarga dalam perencanaan dan supervisi pelaksanaan rangkaian acara pesta pernikahan sesuai dengan jadwal yang telah ditetapkan. Kami pun juga dapat membantu kelancaran kegiatan anda dengan menyesuaikan budget yang anda miliki. Adapun yang akan kami lakukan sebagai Wedding Organaizer.

The vow to love and commit to a special someone is beautiful and extraordinary. Everitt Weddings specialises in wedding planning in Singapore. We modernise the art of wedding planning with our brand of joy, creativity and versatility! We believe that every wedding should be personalised, captivating and enjoyable. As such, we craft thematic experiences to showcase every couple’s style and identity, while providing a range of practical support. The services we provide cater to couples of diverse culture and wedding preparation needs. Looking for a professional wedding planner in Singapore?

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