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Rave Productions is a full-service event management company in Singapore that provides all elements of entertainment. Dinner and dances, product launches, exhibitions, family day events, parties and anything of that sort, we can do it all. We believe that from the moment a guest enters a party space, every aspect should capture their spirit and feelings. All senses should be seduced, including sight, smell, sound, touch and taste, from the beginning to the close of the event. If done properly, each element will collectively create an overall style, reflecting the host’s personality.

Formed in early 1993, Rave is made up of some of the most creative people in the business. But don't take our word for it... Ask the competition.

Being an established name in the entertainment industry, our strategy is simply to offer "More For Less". So, as much as we take your Entertainment and our Entertaining very seriously, we make YOUR PLEASURE, OUR BUSINESS.

As a leading event planner in Singapore, Today Rave Productions is involved in the execution of numerous indoor and outdoor events mainly in Singapore and extending on occasion, our services to neighbouring Malaysia. From Grand Prix events to Launches to Dinners to Golfing and even Sea Sports events, just ask us and sit back while we work our magic on perfecting your event to a tee.

Within the confines of our website, you will be introduced to the refreshing new world of Razzle n' Dazzle, Glitz n' Glamour, Charm and, of course, Charmers! In short, get set to be delighted by the versatile wonders of RAVE PRODUCTIONS!

TALENT, CREATIVITY, ORIGINALITY, A LOVE FOR OUR JOB AND ALL THINGS FUN... PLUS PLAIN SIMPLE HARD WORK - this is probably the best way to sum up the hip, young and trendy individuals at RAVE PRODUCTIONS.

A team of dynamic and dedicated individuals working together as a cohesive unit that comprises of disc-jockeys, comperes as well as an experienced Event Management and Promotions Team with the ability and skill to actively create and develop new entertainment ideas and strategies.

Aside from owning Singapore's finest mobile disco / concert sound system and a wide range of professional lighting and effects, being a leading party planner in Singapore, RAVE PRODUCTIONS has worked closely with Technical Support companies such as Showtec, Explomo and Highway in the areas of sound, lighting, video, Computer Generated Images (CGI), pyrotechnics, special effects etc.

RAVE PRODUCTIONS has the experience in Management and Marketing abilities to support Clubs and Discos in the areas of Promotions, Event Planning, Marketing and Media strategies. Organisation and co-ordination assistance of the above from RAVE PRODUCTIONS can assist Club and Disco Management in the planning and execution of Promotions, Events and Shows plus in obtaining sponsorship and media support.

In this area, being one of the leading entertainment companies in Singapore, RAVE PRODUCTIONS has the knowledge and the expertise to conceptualize and formulate Entertainment plans and ideas with regard to Music Programming and Entertainment Format. In the area of Club Operations, the emphasis on type of market required, clientele expected, revenue forecast, etc, is determined by the Entertainment Format and Planning.

In this age of High-Tech Clubs and Discos, being an expert party planner, RAVE PRODUCTIONS through its CGI (Computer Generated Images) is able to generate Computer Graphics, Software Programs and Video Titling for use in Clubs and Discos for Promotions/Sponsorship, etc.

RAVE PRODUCTIONS possess a library of over 10,000 records albums / singles / compact discs that runs the gamut of music from the 1950's to the current chart toppers. Music from Retro to Top 40's to Jazz to Country & Western to Latin American to Ballroom Dancing to Dance & Soul etc. The library is constantly updated with brand new releases. The emphasis in Discos today is on International Dance and Retro material.

Copyright licensed videos ranging from music videos to concerts to rave videos to documentaries to sports, comedies and cartoons are available from RAVE PRODUCTIONS. Karaoke videos and Laser-discs are also available through RAVE PRODUCTIONS. The library is also regularly updated with new music video releases.

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