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kids party planner-It was a delight to do a ‪‎frozen ‪‎theme ‪‎face ‪‎paint ‪‎party at ‪‎PARK ‪‎ROYAL ‪‎SINGAPORE over this weekend. Frozen,which is a ‪‎musical ‪‎fantasy film by Walt ‪‎Disney is the current craze among the ‪‎young ‪‎kids of Singapore, Singapore too! The ‪‎themed party requests ranged from ‪‎princess ‪‎elsa , princess ‪‎anna , ‪‎olaf the ‪‎snow ‪‎man ,‪‎pretty snow ‪‎flakes and ‪‎facial ‪‎make ‪‎up in frozen ‪‎colors.

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kids party planner-harishmaevents is one of the new players in the professional face painting scene. We are providing highly professional quality of art services and Decoration

We proudly present you our work for the winning team at the D&D Nite competition & celebration

kids party planner-Here we were for a 2 day Awesome Valentines Day special celebration for an On-site/live Caricature entertainment at Standard Chartered Bank.Whether its a Customer,your partner,a dear friend,your child or sibling..this is certainly a special event to express love with a present to remember the for the rest of their life! A few highlights of our works with some lovely employees and customers of theBank……. — with Harishma Rajendran.

kids party planner-And for me their eyes and smiles were absolutely captivating to sketch. It reminded me of the saying ‘eyes are the windows to your soul!’ I think that’s True indeed! — in Singapore, Singapore. Best Face Painting ($150/hr), Caricature ($150/hr), Balloon Sculpting, Kids Birthday Party, Kids Party, Top Kids Party, kids Party Planner, $250 kids party

Best Face Painting ($150/hr), Caricature ($150/hr), Balloon Sculpting, Kids Birthday Party, Kids Party, Top Kids Party, kids Party Planner, $250 kids party Decoration

Every birthday should be a one that you won’t forget!

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