I've hired Billy Aircon's Services two times during my stay here in Singapore, the first time was truthfully brought about because of their really good prices. Their response took about a normal wait time, I can't sugarcoat it and say they were lightning fast at responses because I would like to be truthful. The staff, both times, were hardworking and friendly, and finished the job fast and efficiently. The second time was the most notable because one of the staff pointed out and helpfully explained to me that one of the acs needed a chemical cleaning, while I did have to pay a bit more, it was worth it, they did the chemical cleaning, washed out the machine outside my window (I'm afraid I don't know what it's called) and even cleaned up the water on the floor before they left. Wish I had asked for their names so I could thank them publicly here. Billy Aircon's services were truly professional and efficient, I'll not hesitate to hire them again and will recommend them to friends.read more

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