For Customers experiencing these issues (e.g. Aircon leaking after normal servicing/bad moldy smell coming from Aircon unit or that the airflow and coldness of your aircon is low.) We would recommend Chemical Overhaul over Chemical Wash. That is because Chemical Overhaul is a much more thorough version of Aircon Chemical Cleaning. For Chemical Overhaul, the indoor fancoil unit will be dismantled and the choked up evaporator coil that is full with lint and dust will be thoroughly flushed with Chemical whereas for Chemical Wash there is no dismantling involved. If you are not sure whether your aircon needs to be Chemical Overhauled, do call us to schedule for an Aircon Servicing appointment. We will send our experienced technicians over and they will advise on whether General Servicing or Chemical Overhaul is required.

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