MOTHERS AND SONS, events management company (Singapore), is established since year 2000, gotten its name while conceptualizing the business mission. The mission of establishing a good work relation with both the clients, suppliers and all people who has involve and part of the work, the special bond that only found from a mother to her child. Moreover, event management is a people-relationship business, where everyday we handle different talents, emcees, crews, officials and delegates from within and overseas.

The mission also stands on planning, developing and execution of all events entrust to us, as if they are our event, and take pride in it. A mission we swore by. Till now, we are satisfied that all our clients not only remember this unique company, but also our services rendered. MOTHERS AND SONS is a turnkey events logistics and management company (EMC). And till this day, MOTHERS AND SONS has expanded into a full-fledge EMC with four divisions – Marketing and Communications (MARCOM), Events Management, Events Logistics, and Corporate Support Services, with professionals specializing in it. Over the years, the company has dealing with clients from the local and abroad companies, MNCs and SMEs, from private to government sectors, who never fails to benefit from the company’s reliable and excellent services together with the most reasonable pricing.And most importantly, our clients are also always left with an eventful experience with endless compliments on the service provided.

At MOTHERS AND SONS, we have a team of professional designers in the Marketing and Communications sector. Our designers brainstorm for creative and novel ideas on concepts and themes suited for each unique event, and prints dependent on the varying requirements and targeted audience. Concepts and ideas are also aimed to achieve the best selling point and highest turn out response of each event. This team plays an important role in the fundamental designs for all projects.

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