As a humble event company since 2005, we have grown and expanded to become a full fledged Professional Event Management Company in Singapore. Today we comprise our very own Sales Operations Team, Event Production & Design Team, Creative Sound/Lighting Team and a comprehensive Event Logistics Team. Our ‘Under One Roof’ strategy easily simplifies operations while maintaining the integrity of the event details. With our effective backend processes, we are able to offer you a complete event proposal and provide a further cost advantage – which means great investment returns as well as improved integrity of your unique event delivery. With our current pool of Event Professionals and a comprehensive network of Affiliated Event Partners, we are confident your event will never be the same again.

Based in Singapore, our teams of event professionals are ready to manage your expectations and objectives. Regardless of the scale or complexity of the event, we have the necessary resources and expertise to meet or exceed your desired expectation of the campaign. In every event, we enjoy a close friendship fostering a close knit relationship with all our clients, suppliers, crews and providers, while ensuring that all event details are complete and flawless.

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