An event is not a flick of a switch but a complex collaboration of people working together to achieve a single result. To understand the intricacies and interconnectedness behind this movement is what event sense means – [n] a faculty by which the mind and body perceives an internal or external event stimulus. A deep understanding of not just how and why things work, but the added dimension of what could work, with the minds’ eye to put together a perfect blend to achieve that brand of event flavour that is uniquely yours.

When I got my first taste of Events and Exhibitions, I learnt the ropes of the industry through trial and error. I fell in love with the challenges, creativity and dynamism of each project. When your back is against the wall and the success of the event is determined by your next move, your mind can achieve amazing results. The sparks of creativity and the satisfaction from problem-solving is insatiable. The passion and interests I had for this trade grew into a lifestyle and I have never left the Events and Exhibition scene since.

Events and Exhibitions are more than just awareness campaigns or public showcases. As Events Specialists, we appreciate the nuts and bolts of the mechanism that drives an event. It is this aspect of the project that I savour them most. Naturally, there were also many times when we were met with obstacles or blindsided by challenges. A particular incident remains fresh in my memory. The night before the event our client came to us and all the approved deliverables were embargoed by our client’s communications team. The entire showroom is now a blank hall. It was an events management nightmare. However, my team refused to accept defeat and we were determined to resolve the situation. Success is our only option. Against all odds, our client and my team pulled through the night together and delivered a miraculous recovery for the show to be delivered on time the next morning. It is through these episodes of camaraderie between my clients and my team that constantly renews my passion in this art.

It is this combination of creative flexibility, grit and iron will that I expect from my events team.

At Macro Events, it is my privilege and duty as an Events Specialists and Consultant to ensure that regardless of any given situation. Your show must go on.

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