!! Attention! This review is written by my own experience with them! Do take time to read yeah :)Firstly I did my own research about which bridal shop should i go. Compare with quite a number of bridal shop before decide to go with Dream Wedding Boutique. My friend did recommend this too as she already took her Pre-Wedding photoshoot in taiwan and told me it’s fun. Book and appointment to head down to see their package with my husband-to-be! After asking question and knowing all their package , i decide to sign their Perfect Package with is for Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Taiwan for 10 Hours , make up & hairdo , accessories, ampoules for both bride and groom , fake lashes included too! Include 3 gowns and 2 Suit ( we can ownself mix & match) and Actual Day gowns , suit , decoration , corsage , make up & hairdo , fresh flower bouquet, and many many more. I love their photo album as the cover page is made of glass not plastic! STEADY! :) Internal material is all waterproof! Also have table top diamond portrait (not the frame diamond , is the photo itself is diamond) , signature scroll , welcome poster like the photo banner , modern big diamond frame for hanging on the wall , 9 square photo frame for hanging on wall is also diamond too! Also Photoslide show will be done by them too! Best of the best is *ALL PHOTO RETURN FREE*Don’t need to purchase 1 by 1 like other bridal shop that i heat and know from friends. Friends do tell me that the bridal shop keep telling them to purchase the photo , not 1 photo but a lot photo. So like they spend more money buying photo instead that cause more than few thousand.Spend my afternoon till night choosing and trying out the gowns.. wahaha :D They are very patience and friendly... For the guys , suit are limited , so if the guy want to have those bright colour suit or body fitting suit , you might need to tailor made yourselves. For the lady , they is more than a thousand gowns for you to choose , so best is let them know what feel you like and what colour you prefer , so you won’t waste time looking 1 by 1 , it’s very tiring to see.. hahaha :DThroughout the whole photoshoot timing , it’s very fun as the photographer keep joking making us laugh like siao.. wahaha :D The make up artist is very nice , every place we went to shoot , she will keep touch up my make up and my hair. But not forgetting my hubby hair also! :D Time pass very fast and we don’t even know it’s going dinner time! hahaha :DSaw other photographer there but like mostly they don’t interact or make the couple laugh like our photographer...We even chat with the photographer and makeup artist few weeks before we fly over.. They will ask what kind of theme/feel we like. And what accessories , heels and boots or gown we going to wearing...Even before 10 hour , we already ended ours early like in 7 hours as mostly we have shoot finish.. We were lucky that the whole week we at taiwan , ONLY THAT day DID NOT RAIN , and it’s cold but yet sunny and windy... The weather is PERFECT that day! After that day , everyday also rain non stop for the whole day... hahaha thanks god and thanks myself for so lucky choosing that specify day correctly! :P The photo is super beautiful even before editing. SOLID :)So now we just back in singapore , waiting for the photo to upload online and we can choose which photo to edit...Anything else will be updating here again... Thanks Dream Wedding Boutique and their Team! :) :) :) *tumbs up*read more

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