Firstly, thank you to the team for making my wedding event possible, for assisting in every way and explaining the package to avoid any misunderstanding especially when it comes to money. Secondly, BIG THANKS to the team who went bali for the pre-wedding shoot. Thank you Eunice, my makeup artist. You are great! The makeup was awesome and made me super pretty! Took care of me and made the whole trip super fun! Thank you Ah Heng, my photographer. You made the trip so much relaxed and you brought laughter to the shoot. Thank you Uncle Phua, "the assistant". You came with us and help us in every way. I was quite shocked that you were willing to come along to help:) The photos came out surprisingly gorgeous! Thank you for all the effort to make the extra mile to climb on branches and lying on the ground just to capture the right moment. Thank you for the advises given along the way and the straightforwardness to avoid misunderstandings! It was really great to work with you guys! Appreciate much! You guys are super professional! The service was great and made me felt like i was taken care of. I would totally recommend the overseas package as this will be a big moment for every couples out there to experience the effort taking pre-wedding shoots and making the wedding album much more meaningful. ????

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