Lester has been our emcee for many events, be it formal or the wacky fun events. The best testimonial is that Lester has been back to host many events of ours. Highly recommended emcee for sure!

Lester really worked the crowd and we all had a really fantastic time! We enjoyed the night influenced by his enthusiasm and wit, and so did our company's guests.

Lester hosted for us French tennis legend Mary Pierce together with our CEO and other high level executives, and the event went superb, thanks to Lester who played a big part in its success!

Being the official launch of Samsung Reinsurance, it is important that we find the right emcee. Lester hosted the event with class and even injected humor. Guests who flew in from around the region gave great feedback!

If I had to recommend an emcee, it would be Lester. He gave life and vigor to the entire event and had no problems accommodating the many changes we made. Game segments were fun and everyone had such a great time!

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