The Master of Ceremonies (or MC and at times they call themselves emcee) orchestrates a crucial role at a wedding. The main responsibilities includes: 1. Introducing guests, family members and the bridal party. 2. Engaging the audience 3. Keeping track of time and schedule facilitating entertainment activities such as speeches, party games, slide shows ( video Montage) and ensuring a smooth flow and at times taking care of any unforeseen incidents during the evening, which is bound to happen if a wedding planner is not engaged. Wedding planners at Neevraz Innovationz has observed couples asking one of their friends or relatives to perform the duties of an MC, I have witnessed this responsibility falling onto the best man once, by the time he delivered he was exhausted! This of course, it's cost effective and to have a close friend to MC for the bride and the groom, is to have more personal and unique wedding experience. After all, a paid emcee will use a predefined "script" to run through the evening and will only have the same old standard old jokes you've heard at all other weddings. I have seen emcees who aren't funny at all but have pictures and post on Facebook and instagram about them yaking on the mic and performing games that I have seen years ago when I was a kid. That is understandable and forgivable - a paid emcee like that will not make any effort to know the bridal party or the guests to provide a truly personal approach. On the other hand, a professional wedding Emcee like Raveen Thedj has gone through hundreds of weddings, definitely he will ensure a "smoother" wedding experience, the jokes will be well-tested and brought forward to your guest and the expert will be better with time management. This is what I have discovered by talking to the guest at the weddings that Raveen has hosted and trust me, I have watched him and he is really wacky and hilarious!! Daryl for Neurosoft Solutions. #emceeraveenthedj #deliveryofexcellence #neevrazweddingplannerz

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